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  1. Now, the Google Webmasters has provided the real tool for dyainmc websites, it seems that now Google has started things about dyainmc websites. By defining Parameters, Search Engine would accept the pages more quickly and provide the good results to the internet users. I had changed my website parameters twice in last 3 years but now with new tool, I can stop Search Engine to stop displaying my Old Parameters pages to the users. Both the Owner of website and user would be benefited with this feature. I would also like to suggest webmasters to define the parameters to understand the dyainmc websites. For instance, if dyainmc website are searching for something then describe the parameter as “search” or “searchterm” and for sorting the results as “sort” to track the product use the parameter as “productid” or “fileid” and for categories use of parameter “cat” or “catz” and by defining the such parameters this would help the search engine to understand the dyainmc websites more easily. Last recommendation to add the parameter for site category in url pattern such as example.com/search.php?news=&search=&googleexample.com/search.php?legal=&search=guiltyI would like link to give 6/10 for new feature but still more to be done for dyainmc websites.

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